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This and other works by Dr. Komor are available at the OCD Recovery Centers of America Bookstore.





The Power of Being


The Power of Being: For People Who Do Too Much

The Power of Being

Written by Dr. Christian Komor.
Paperback, 275 pages

Stressed out? Tired of today's frantic hustle and bustle? Are you doing more but enjoying it less? Then The Power of Being is for you. Nationally acclaimed psychologist Dr. Christian R. Komor tells you how to slow down and enjoy life. The book provides an easy to read blueprint for living a fuller and more enjoyable life and the same time achieving your goals. You learn how to break compulsive rituals to pleasing inner-spontaneity. This how-to book is for those who feel their lives are moving too quickly are filled with too much activity as well as those who identify themselves as: "Type-A" people, workaholics, perfectionists, and obsessive-compulsives.

DO YOU . . . Find yourself frequently rushing from one task to the next? Suffer from stress-related illness? Feel there are never enough hours in the day? Experience financial and social success and still feel something is missing? If so, it is time to recapture the healing power of "being." Disillusioned with rampant material gratification and status-seeking and troubled by increasing rates of stress-related illness, people everywhere are seeking a simpler life. Family values and quality relationships are replacing the power lunch and the up-town address. At this crossroad in American culture, we find ourselves in search of new technologies for living which will bring up back in touch with our sense of inner spontaneity and break the grip of compulsive doing and accomplishing.

In The Power of Being, Dr. Komor introduces us to down-to-earth strategies for moving from a life based on "shoulds" to one of choicefulness, self-ownership, and satisfaction. Picking up where other books leave off, The Power of Being guides us on an inner quest from doing to being. Dr. Komor helps you kick back and enjoy life.


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Both The Power of Being and The Power of Being handbook, along with many other books and audio seminars, are available for purchase through the OCD Recovery Centers of America Bookstore.




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