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About Chris
Christian R. Komor, Psy.D.

Never expecting to be a visual artist Dr. Komor plunged into a 25 year career as a Clinical Psychologist eventually leading the OCD Recovery Center of America and traveling the USA on national speaking tours. Then, with his 1992 book The Power of Being still generating international interest and the second Green Movement taking shape, the early years of the 21st Century found Dr. Komor outside his consulting offices and hotel ballrooms in the back country surrounding Sedona, Arizona. Behind the lens of a Nikon camera Chris brought fresh eyes to his new mission – bringing the love of the Earth into homes and workplaces.

“We have seen the power of an idea whose time has come. For the idea of Earth Preservation to be more than another fad or corporate gimmick we need connection. We need to have our feet out on the land, or find a meaningful to bring the land, sky and waters to us.”

Specializing in reaching locations considered inaccessible to many, Chris continues to fill his Komor Earth Images gallery with photographs which convey the spirit of the natural world.


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